Franchise Support

Value added support services provided by redbox+

redbox+ will help you develop B2B marketing strategies that will build brand awareness, educate potential clients as to the features/benefits of our service, and establish repeat customers by building long-term positive relationships.

In partnership with the franchisee, redbox+ will develop B2B planning directives. Directives may include but are not limited to researching and identifying segments of our targeted client base, (i.e. specific firms with a need and demand for our services), pricing analysis relative to competitive pricing research summaries, engaging professional networking groups, membership and active participation within appropriate industry related organizations, industry-related shows/expo’s, and development of customer referral strategies. Primary outcomes of successfully implementing the strategic plan include ongoing customer acquisition and long-term customer retention.

redbox+ offers two online branding platforms. Franchisees can purchase an assortment of redbox+ clothing, outerwear and caps through our online storefront. We also provide the flexibility to place special or custom orders for items not currently listed. In addition, we also have an online print fulfillment site offering a variety of corporate ID, marketing and sales collateral, and business forms.

Our online platforms are franchisee secure, provide an account history of transactions, a fully loaded item catalog, and file upload capabilities. Both platforms are user-friendly. Purchases and check-out processes are extremely easy to follow.

Our franchisees can benefit from a comprehensive direct mail program that is completely turn-key. Features include highly targeted geo-based list acquisition, graphics design, printing, addressing, postage, and all aspects of mail management to insure timely delivery. As a true fulfillment program, franchisees are not required to adhere to minimum quantity requirements.

All redbox+ franchisees receive a dedicated landing page customized to their specific market. Landing pages include franchisee photos, customer testimonials, a message from the owner(s), placement of professional and community member logos, social media links, “lead catcher” i.e. Request for Information, “How it Works” video link, and the franchisee telephone number. Franchisee landing pages are interconnected with the main redbox+ website so visitors have access to the main headings located in the navigation bar including the How it Works, Products, About Us, Frequently Asked Questions, and monthly Blog pages.

To support and enhance your local internet presence, redbox+ will assist you in claiming your franchise with some of the more prominent free business directories. They include Google Places, Bing Places, Yext, Yelp, Merchants Circle, Manta, City Search,, and Kudzu.

In addition to our extensive library of sales and marketing collateral, redbox+ will also work with our graphic designer to design and print specialized pieces unique to a franchise and or a franchisees marketing effort. Direct mail postcards, print advertisements, promotional flyers, product info sheets, and customized sales spiffs are just a few examples.

One of our most useful marketing tools is the redbox+ logo and telephone number prominently displayed on both sides of our waste containers. They literally serve as traveling and stationary billboards that result in generating a substantial number of customer inquiries. To insure the timliness, quality, and proper placement of these graphics we coordinate the production and application of the decals before the containers are shipped. In addition, we also oversee ordering, production, and shipping for the redbox+ truck lettering. Upon request, redbox+ can provide branding specifications and placement diagrams.

redbox+ will introduce your business by sending press/news releases to pertinent media outlets within your primary market. Press releases typically include a company profile, a descriptive highlighting the unique service and features/benefits redbox+ provides, and a bio brief of the franchise owner. In addition to the introductory release, on your directive we also send releases with storylines about business growth and achievement, community involvement, and volunteerism.

Prior to ramp-up, redbox+ will research competitor pricing, local landfill tipping rates, building permit issuance, C&D hauler permitting, and wastewater licensing requirements.

Upon request, redbox+ will work directly with local advertising outlets to assist you in planning, buying, and scheduling print and electronic media campaigns.       This includes analyzing rates, reach, and target audience. redbox+ will also assist with scripting and ad production work.

With our referral bonus program you can incentivize your customers to make referrals. Simply provide customers a redbox+ Customer Referral Bonus card, ask them to complete the card and return it. If the referred customer rents from you, they receive a $50 discount off their next rental.

The sales or selling culture at redbox+ is unique and one that embraces building meaningful partnerships with our clients. At redbox+ we train our franchisees the finer points of this “sales philosophy” and will provide ongoing coaching to help franchisees capture and KEEP new customers. The sales process is clearly documented, yet provides franchisees the flexibility to develop a sales acumen that is consistent with his or her personality.

Identifying the specific needs of a client sets the stage for developing a sincere and meaningful partnership with perspective clients. The purpose of the introductory needs analysis is to gain a clear understanding of how redbox+ can productively meet the needs of perspective customers.

The redbox+ sales process is one that clearly articulates the benefits of our service. However, we take it two steps beyond by also promoting the features of our product offering, and most importantly the advantages a client gains by using our service/product. The Benefit-Feature-Advantage sales approach “comes to life” with a well organized and informative PowerPoint presentation for use during initial sales calls; those that take place in an office setting.

Getting the truck and container in front of perspective customers is an extremely powerful sales tool. One of our most successful sales strategies is what we call our “redbox+ Road Show”. Our start-up franchisees have acquired many of their new clients just by visiting with project managers/foremens at the actual construction site. To help you identify the location of construction/remodeling sites in your market, redbox+ corporate can help you research monthly issuances of building permits. In addition, to keep the redbox+ brand in the forefront, an informational “sales spiff” specifically designed as a “leave-behind” will complement your site visits.

3P’s is offered exclusively to customers who make a long-term commitment to redbox+. In exchange for this partnership redbox+ provides a container reservation, drop date, and pick-up/disposal guarantee within 24 hours of request.

Our goal is to help franchisees make the most of every sales opportunity. As a highly skilled sales professional with more than 25 years of experience in B2B sales, Lyle Blanchard our VP of Business Development is here to prepare, consult and guide you as you meet and educate potential clients on the redbox+ concept.

Business Systems & Operational Support
The redbox+ business system is a defined implementation process that directly supports efficiently operating your franchise. This process is captured through well organized, highly detailed and comprehensive operation protocols documented in the redbox+ Franchise Training Manual.

The redbox+ business system starts with the Franchise Vision Plan (FVP). Simply put, the purpose of the FVP is to provide franchisees with a road map to achieving their personal and business related goals. It is a detailed description of what the franchisee’s business and personal life will look like in the future – one, five, and ten years out. The FVP will provide the “big picture” details while ensuring a synergy exists with short-term business goals.

Developing the FVP starts (and finishes) with collaboration. As a true partnership and through productive, positive, and meaningful consultations, the FVP is crafted specifically to meet the needs, expectations, and business goals of the franchisee. Consistent with the spirit of “entrepreneurship”, redbox+ will always respect the independent thought process of our franchisees. This serves as the foundation of successful FVP development.

Major components of the redbox+ business system are further defined and supported by an assemblage of in-depth functions and processes. redbox+ understands the importance of taking a systems approach in building successful and profitable franchise outlets. Primary components of the redbox+ business system include:

  • Establishing the Business Infrastructure
  • Process Management; Operating the Business Best Practices
  • Strategic Marketing and Brand Development
  • Lead Generation and Sales
  • Vendor/Supplier and Equipment Management

Establishing the Business Infrastructure-redbox+ works in close partnership with franchisees in obtaining the necessary permits and licensing for C&D and septic hauling and disposal, entity creation, and business licensing. In addition, to insure a timely start-up we host pre-launch telephone conferences guiding franchisees through the necessary preparations for a successful business start-up.

Process Management; Operating the Business Best Practices-Through our comprehensive training program, you will learn the day-to-day standards and processes to operate your franchise profitably and efficiently. In additon, redbox+ provides ongoing coaching/consultation services (daily if necessary) to insure a seamless start-up. Our operations protocols are well defined and easy to establish and understand.

Strategic Marketing and Brand Development-redbox+ provides proven B2B strategies that will build brand awareness, educate potential clients as to the features and benefits of our service, and establish repeat customers by building long-term positive relationships.

Lead Generation and Sales-Consistent lead generation starts with building and maintaining the brand; priority one for a start-up franchise. Our proven brand development strategies along with our established sales processes will not only help you generate leads but make the most of every sales opportunities you have.

Vendor/Supplier and Equipment Management-Our vendor partnership program drives the quality and integrity of the products and services franchisees provide. We handle all of the leg-work including all aspects of the ordering process, timely delivery of materials, and quality control.