How it works

How it works

redbox+ waste disposal containers are engineered to accommodate two portable restrooms; a patented design never seen in the roll-off and waste management industries. Containers are suited for use in commercial, new home construction, as well as remodeling, roofing, window and siding, and landscaping projects. The application is pretty much universal.

redbox+ trucks house a pump and vacuum system to service the portable restrooms. The pump and vac system includes holding tanks for both fresh and waste-water. This allows the portable restrooms to be serviced and cleaned on-site before the contents of the container are disposed of. Containers are serviced and returned to the job site after disposal.

The Business System

The redbox+ business system is a defined implementation process. This process is captured through well organized, highly detailed and comprehensive operation protocols documented in the redbox+ Operations Manual. Primary components of the redbox+ business system include:

– Establishing the Business Infrastructure
– Process Management; Operating the Business
– Strategic Marketing and Brand Development

– Operating Systems and Procedures
– Lead Generation & Sales
– Vendor/Product Management

Major components of the redbox+ business system are further defined and supported by an assemblage of in-depth functions and processes. redbox+ understands the importance of taking a systems approach in building efficient and successful franchise outlets.


To offer the patented redbox+ combination portable restroom-waste container design along with our proven business process to dedicated-hardworking entrepreneurs who will strive to become leaders in the waste disposal industry within in their marketplace.


Our vision is to re-define the standard in the waste disposal industry with our combination portable restroom-waste container units, offering improved efficiencies, responsible environmental practices while exceeding expectations of our franchisees and their customers.

The redbox+ Credo

Our franchisees are expected to adhere to redbox+ best practices which mean being disciplined with the customer’s time by returning calls in a timely fashion and showing up on the job site when they say they’ll be there. Franchisees are expected to be professional not only in their appearance but also with their attitude, actions, values, and dedication to service after the sale. In a nutshell the redbox+ Credo is based on building pleasant, honest, and meaningful long-term relationships with every client we serve.